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We would like to offer some fantastic prizes in our latest competition from our sister company

Please answer this (hopefully!) simple question:

Who has recently joined IMI as the new Purchasing Supervisor?
A) Jemini Parmar
B) Julian A. Lyons
C) Purnima Patel

The answer can be found in the Newsletter content. Let us know your answer by 29th September for a chance to win both these fabulous items. Answers please with address and name to:



IMI WebsiteWe have launched our new IMI corporate website aimed at making it easier for our clients and prospects to find all the information they need about us and our work.
We have given the website a new, fresher look that is now accessible via mobile devices for all those on the go.
We would love to hear what you think about our website so feel free to send us some feedback. Visit and let us know your thoughts!


Buzz DayAustralian Diabetes Council – Buzz Day
Buzz Day is held across Australia during the month of September to raise funds that help improve the health and enhance the lives of people living with, and at risk of diabetes. IMI have developed a new range of products for the event and look forward to working with the Australian Diabetes Council on this great initiative.
See for more information.

Loud Shirt DayFirst Voice – Loud Shirt Day
Loud Shirt Day is the annual appeal of an Australian alliance of five organisations who are dedicated to teaching deaf and hearing impaired children to listen and speak with clear natural spoken language, like their hearing peers. In conjunction with Caltex (the events principal sponsor) IMI have developed a new and exciting range of merchandise that will hit the streets in November 2011. Checkout

In August the iconic 'Badge Day' took place in Australia. IMI have been supplying merchandise for this event since 2009. The pin badges are offered as a token of appreciation for the donations made by the public to raise awareness and funds for the families of our deceased Veterans. This is a very special charity and one we are delighted to be involved in.
See for more details.

NestléNestle Pacific Islands
IMI Australasia have just wrapped up a complex and exciting promotion with Nestle that spanned 4 countries, across 4 brands (Nestle, Maggi, Sunshine and Milo). The consolidation of orders and streamlining of the logistics process needed a new approach which was initiated by IMI and worked well despite the tight lead times. We are awaiting results but initial feedback is that it has been a huge success. 



Jemini ParmarWe are delighted to welcome onboard our new Account Manager, Jemini Parmar, who joined us in June 2011. Jemini has over 8 years experience in the premiums and promotions industry and has serviced many clients across FMCG, Media, Direct Marketing and Travel markets. Jemini is working with a number of key IMI clients with primary focus being on learning and working within the Covermount industry - a new challenge which she's enjoying! In her own words "Covermounts seems to be a fun industry to work in although very competitive! Great products - good value for very little money!". We all look forward to working with her.


Purnima PatelWe are also very happy to announce the arrival of Purnima Patel as our new Purchasing Supervisor. Purnima has a wealth of purchasing and procurement experience and expertise (over 20 years) in the premiums and covermounts industry for an impressive client base - Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Yves Rocher, Coty, Reader's Digest, the BBC, to name but a few. With her skills and knowledge not only in buying, but in Operations and Quality Control too, we are confident Purnima will be a valuable asset to IMI.





China manufacturing prices are rising due to, primarily, its rising labour costs.
A number of economists theorize that China's demographics have changed such that we should continue to expect China's wages to rise and its manufacturing to decline.
Rapid income increases in China mean that some companies are beginning to move production to less expensive Asian countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Southeast Asian countries are increasingly used as cheaper alternatives for labour-intensive manufacturing.
"It's labour costs and it's taxes and pensions, which are also a part of labour costs. Rent and utilities are rising and the yuan may not be appreciating rapidly, but slowly but surely it [the Yuan] is appreciating."
China is going to be a massive manufacturing presence for a long, long time, but common sense dictates that companies looking to manufacture there consider other countries as well.


This year summer's freight has not gone up till now, as there are not as many goods to be shipped this year... frustrating!
Freight rates dropping - containers being cut - so creating space issues - so August rate increases.

China as a country is growing big and strong, but people are getting relatively poor!
This year, business has not picked up yet!

The clients are comparing the prices all the time, it seems that the industry is tough this year. We need to give good pay to keep labour. All raw materials and basic living costs are going up as well more rapidly than salary.



KidscovermountsWe have been working really hard to make a more user friendly website.
You will find the newest products and inspiration pictures under our Need Ideas? section now divided into 5 categories to make your search even easier by target audience.
We are always looking for new items which we think will be of interest to our clients and we will upload them to this space as soon as we get them, so make sure you visit us regularly!
When you find something you like, simply write down the item code from the picture and send it to us along with some basic information so we can start working on it for you.
We are very proud of this space and we hope you find it useful and inspirational.



CovermountsSafety and performance are fundamental concerns for consumers, particularly for parents, who buy toys and other products related to children.
Because of this we are fully up to speed with all recent testing standards and are kept up to date by our 3rd party partners, CMA, TUV, and ITS.
From the 20th July 2011, toys that are placed on the market in Europe must comply with the new EU Toy Directive (2009/48/EC) which means they must meet a number of new requirements relating to new migration limits on substances, the EU REACH regulation on Articles, a ban on CMR substances and new guidelines for allergenic fragrances.
Where necessary we will go beyond standard industry requirements and produce audits tailored for our clients.



Mini bowling gameDennis & Gnasher Mini bowling game. A fantastic promotional item that appeals both to girls and boys. Produced by IMI for DC Thomson this summer.


IMI autumn competition.

IMI’s new corporate website.

IMI Australasia welcomes 2 new clients to their charity portfolio.

New members of staff.

Watch out... China manufacturing prices are rising.

Heard in the market place. has a makeover.

New toy regulations.

Product of the month.



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