Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is a membership organization for businesses committed to continuous improvement of the ethical performance and responsible business practices of their supply chains. It is becoming more common that companies see Sedex membership as a condition of supply. IMI started the procedures to fit all necessary requirements and is pleased to announce it is now a Sedex member.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) aid to an organization's mission as well as a guide to what the company stands for and will uphold to its consumers. This means taking issues on health, safety and environment seriously. Companies benefit too from building a reputation for integrity and best practice issues that have become of increasing importance over the years.
CSR popularity has become of increasing importance. Especially multinational corporations are now examining not only their own labour practices, but those of their entire supply chain, from a CSR perspective. The conscience-focus is part of the tendency of ethical consumership to be more aware of the environment. This is as a result of globalization, developing technology and industrialization to become more aware of the social implications of their day-to-day consumer decisions.




The European Union (EU) has published a Council Regulation imposing definitive anti-dumping duties on imports of ceramic tableware and kitchenware originating in China. The duties range from 13.1% to 23.4% for cooperating Chinese companies and 36.1% for non-cooperating companies. New exporters will be subject to a duty rate of 17.9%.
The move makes permanent the provisional imposition implemented on the 15th of November 2012 which caused shock waves and anger in the promotional products industry.
The European Promotional Product Association joined several hearings of the Trade Injury Team in Brussels, one of them involving all EPPA country-members, including the BPMA. After being heard as an industry, the Commission imposed a definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of ceramic tableware and kitchenware, excluding ceramic knives, ceramic condiment or spice mills and their ceramic grinding parts, ceramic peelers, ceramic knife sharpeners and cordierite ceramic pizza-stones.



Unreasonable fees

China will remove "unreasonable fees" and introduce supportive policies for shipping companies in the second half of the year to help them through an industry downturn, China National Radio reported today, citing a Ministry of Transport official. The ministry "is pro-actively striving for a reasonable tax burden for the shipping industry and, at the same time, to clean up unreasonable fees," said Song Dexing, head of the ministry's water transport bureau.
The plan comes soon after one of China's biggest shipping groups announced recently that its first-half net loss tripled.
Data released on 11th July showed an unexpected drop in China's June exports and imports, underscoring the severity of the country's slowdown.
Source: Bloomberg News



Wired Magazine Cover

"Apocalypse not" proclaimed the September 2012 cover of Wired showing a photograph of an atomic mushroom mutating into a tree, an illustration of how it may be possible to convert the negative energy of end-of-the-world prophesies into positive and dynamic energy to build a better world for tomorrow.
Taking its cue from this upbeat symbol, the season has a decidedly optimistic and constructive feel. The current of embellishing the everyday, in development over the past few seasons, permeates all moods and infuses sophistication and refinement to the industrial aesthetics of RECONSTRUCTION, the kitsch and show-off styles of DISTINCTION, the great cultural myths of LYRICAL, and to the pared simplicity of ENLIGHTENMENT. This season is governed by the hand and the mind, united in the quest to find, create, enhance.

A/W Trends



In-House Design

Thanks to our in-house Design team, IMI is more responsive to our client's requirements, tight deadlines and is able to offer more flexibility through our design process.
IMI can take care of all your creative decisions and offer designs you may not have thought of for your business.

IMI's Design services include:
- Concepts and ideas.
- Mood boards, trend predictions and style guides.
- Design on printed material: Flyers, brochures, catalogues, direct mail, etc.
- Product and packaging design.
- 2D mock-ups.
- 3D CAD design.
- Web design and maintenance.
- Imaging and Branding.



From covermounts and promotional gifts to partworks here's a few examples of our most recent work.
Don't hesitate to contact us with your enquiry! We are happy to help.

Recent Work



Wired Magazine Cover

Plush toys have been manufactured since the late 19th century when Margarete Steiff started a small family business making soft toys in Germany.
Fabrics became more luxurious from the 30s onwards, with new materials such as artificial silk, rayon plush and velveteen. Designs also changed, and more domestic animals began to be made into plush toys. These were the ancestors of the cats, dogs, rabbits and ducks, which are still popular today.
After the war, more modern materials, such as nylon and polyester, came to be used. British Safety Standards were introduced and more care was taken with safety and hygiene. For example, glass eyes on toys were replaced with plastic ones.
In 1950's production started moving abroad to China, Taiwan and Korea. These cheaper imports meant many British businesses were struggling to compete by the end of the 60s, and today the majority of plush toys come from the Far East.
Safety is now taken more seriously than ever. All plush toys must adhere to British Safety standards and undergo stringent tests to be able to carry the CE mark. The range of plush toys now on offer is huge, and the classic bear is joined by all kinds of exotic animals, and even plush seat belt characters!

Boulevard Housewares



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Tin Stationery set Butterlfy Paint Set
VIVA!LOOK! Poshest Nail Kit Spinners
Floating Pens Stylus Pen Keyring
Christmas Felt decorations
Muffin Tray/Carrier Sports bag

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IMI Fulfilment

We are delighted to welcome Nicole Cobb to our team. After graduating from Brighton University in 2010, Nicole has had a variety of working experiences, teaching English in Asia and managing her own pop-up shop amongst some.
After recently returning to England following a year working in Bangkok, she has joined IMI's buying team.
She says: "I'm quickly adapting to the world of premiums and promotions. I like the variety of products we deal with and hope that my previous buying experience will help bring a creative spark to the company."




One of our buying team, Jingyi Li, went on an extended trip to China last month. As part of her role she sources new suppliers and items that will be of interest. She visited a few suppliers to help maintain friendly relations and develop exciting ideas that we can deploy in the future.
A particular highlight was a visit to Chenghai city, China's very own Toy Town!



IMI is now a Sedex member.

EU imposes definitive Anti-dumping duties.

Shipping: Unreasonable fees.

Fall Winter 2014-15 Trends.

IMI's In-house design service.

Recent work.

Focus on soft toys.

Product ideas.

New buyer joins the IMI team.

IMI Abroad!.



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