We are pleased to announce the launch of IMI Fulfilment’s stand alone website.
The provision of bespoke fulfilment and handling services is key to any industry and often the final element of distribution is overlooked.
Based in the UK, Dudley, West Midlands, we have been operating a fulfilment and handling service for over 30 years.
We hope the new website will give you an overview of the services we can provide to help your business.

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Tel: +44 (0)1384 23 6109,
email: fulfilment@innovativemarketing.co.uk or please visit www.imifulfilment.com and share if you like!


ShippingSome carriers operating services from Asia to Europe have indicated that it is their intention to impose a GRI (General Rate Increase), effective June 1st 2015.
At the moment the figures indicated are around 800-1000 USD per TEU – in which case rate levels will be reviewed. Carriers have announced GRI warnings on a monthly basis in 2015 as they struggle to lift prices that remain at their lowest for several years. 

Source: www.woodland-group.com

From covermounts to general promotional gifts here are a few examples ofour most recent work that we are very excited about! Don't hesitate to contact us with any enquiry as we are always ready and willing! We are always happy to help.

Recent workRecent workRecent work




Cosmetics and stationery products, especially fun erasers like these!

Contact us to see what cool cosmetics and fun stationery we can do for you!

For much more covermount inspiration, please visit kidscovermounts.com and for more examples of our work please visit www.innovativemarketing.co.uk

Charity run

IMI New staff

We are happy to welcome Hayley Marsden (right) to IMI as Senior Account Manager. Hayley has over 15 years experience working across brand marketing, including project managing campaigns for the BBC for over ten years. She says: “I am looking forward to using my skills and experience at IMI and am excited by the challenges my new role will bring, including playing a key role in delivering creative ideas and forging strong relationships with clients.”

After graduating from University College London in 2005, Nadi Kapou (centre) has had a wide variety of work experience, including a role as a Covermount Buyer for children’s and teen magazines in Athens, Greece. “I am excited to join IMI. After my extensive experience as a client in the covermounts sector, I now have the skills and knowledge to benefit me in my new role at IMI.”

Nadya Stoltz (left) joins us in our marketing and design department. She has many years experience as a graphic designer, from working in magazine publishing to advertising agencies. She is passionate about creativity in design and loves all things pretty.

We are delighted to have you on board!

Craft items

Craft gifts are growing rapidly in popularity as creative activities allow people to explore different concepts, learn a new skill and express themselves by making something worthwhile to keep or to entertain others with. The hours of pleasure are immeasurable and the benefits are great too, see below for some we think are important (especially for children):

Extending ones thinking and using both sides of the brain
Developing higher thinking skills
Enhancing cultural understandings
Building self esteem
Gaining positive emotional responses to learning
Engaging through a variety of learning styles

Some top tips include starting simple (especially for those who feel intimidated by ‘art’ and allowing yourself the time and space to be creative. What’s fantastic is that there is no such thing as right or wrong!

Why not consider this fun stress relieving gifting option! See some examples on our website.

IMI Fulfilment

WatchesWatches continue to be a winner when sourcing promotional gifts. Why are watches always a great way to go? Well, brands are sought after out because of associations and suggestions of affluence, good taste, and a cultured past.

People can wear and enjoy watches on a daily basis and they do not mind paying for the expertise which goes into producing a quality timepiece. Others view watches as an art piece and are avid collectors - often wearing a watch not only to tell the time but also to symbolise something more personal. This could be a way of self expression and identity or as something sentimental which may have marked a special occasion or been passed down from someone special.

Keep watch of our classic, elegant, sporty, and executive ranges when considering a gifting option.

Planning beforehand is a must in the promotions industry. Design houses around the globe are already busy predicting the trends for autumn & winter 2015-16. Here’s a preview of what’s to come.




Chestnut brown and candy apple red shades dominate the palette. Slate grey and pale onyx saturations fuse in between.
Raw sienna and desert sand colorations, coral and dark sepia shades, mustard and midnight blue fuse symbolically with sea green.
  Pink Fashion!
Fall-Winter 2015/16 gets inspired with a range of pinks, from Bubblegum to Fuchsia with Dusty Mauve fusing in between into the palette. Softer pinks highlight a more feminine feeling.
Galactic Galaxy
The palette is all about boldness, mixed with a sense of modernism. Colours are bright and bold consisting of different shades of purple. The palette is inspired by the mysterious planets and the solar system.
  Holographic sky
Colours seem digitalized and surreal. The palette reflects different colours that are produced when light is illuminated. Inspired by beautiful rocks and minerals.


Autumn winter 2015/16 will bring quirky gems that will enhance any look. Heart shaped zipper pulls, diamond encrusted floral earrings and laser cut leather loafers will be the buzzwords this season! Crystal clear glass and plastic will be used in clutches, handbags, hair accessories and even shoes. Paired with white, the transparent accessories are fresh and clean. A graphic golden touch helps to shape and boldly re-decorate accessories.

Source: www.setufairtrade.com



New Fulfilment website

Examples of our latest work

IMI welcomes new staff members

Creative craft revolution

Timeless pieces

Trends forcast Autumn/Winter 2015/16


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