Fulfilment news!

Linda McCarthy and Mak Dhanjal at our new Warehouse.

Work in progress inside.

We have been very busy at our new premises in the West Midland. Work for Revlon, D30, Virgin Atlantic, amongst others, has meant that Linda McCarthy and the experienced team have been flat out over the last few months. We are very much looking forward to seeing some of the Charlie sets on the shelves this Xmas!

Environmental issues in China
affecting production...

In an effort to clean up the air and water pollution that is rampant within China the government have embarked on an ambitious clean up program that is good news for the planet but has put pressure on factories we use. Some factories have had to close temporarily in order to ensure they comply with strict emission targets and this has had some production capacity issues and lengthened lead times.

On top of this there are costs associated in producing a cleaner environment and these costs are being passed on meaning it is hard to keep the costs down for our clients.

Shipping news

In the ever changing world of shipping there has been much flux and flow. Rates are fairly solid at the moment but there persists the rumour of increases which will not be greeted enthusiastically.
Our preferred freight partners, PFE have worked hard to ensure that rates are keep competitive but oil price increases and capacity issues can affect the outcome.

We really hope you like some of the latest items we have produced for our clients, from chunky crayon sets for PJ masks to our bespoke designed hooded rucksacks. These, once again, demonstrate the diversity of items we can supply and our ability to provide items in different manufacturing categories.
Please do let us know if you want us to develop something new for you!

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Evie the elephant... IMI supporting...

Evie the Elephant joined the South Thames Retrieval Service on the 16th of November 2016. She is a wonderful little elephant who not only makes the children smile once they are feeling better but also helps to hold the very important breathing equipment needed to keep the children alive whilst they are in the ambulance or children’s intensive care unit. 
We are delighted to work with the renowned Evelina Children's Hospital in Lambeth supplying Evie the Elephant which has helped the children with their treatment.

...and our usage!

@innomktgint is our Twitter handle and we regularly tweet about events in our industry and occurrences in our company and of course, other matters at large. Please follow us and make sure you are always up to date with what's going on!

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