IMI Fulfilment - Nearly 500,000 for Charlie,
Revlon Xmas 2017
Once again this year IMI will be packing nearly 500,000 Charlie Christmas packs for Revlon at our own fulfilment operation in the West Midlands.
Over the years we have done this hand assembly packing many times and we estimate to have packed well in excess of 5 million of these well-known and important sets. Thankfully we have built up a level of experience that enables us to be as efficient as possible without sacrificing quality in the process. The sets are all complex and require a large degree of dexterity. The level of personalisation for the retailers is high and the matrix for producing the many variants is large. 
There are a number of different packs, incorporating body sprays and EDTs in different scents and sizes. We are already building stock levels and will commence packing at the end of July.
It will be a busy few summer months. It always seems odd to be doing Christmas work in the heat of August!
See above some examples of our previous work with Revlon!
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Some exciting examples of our recent work!
We are extremely proud of the diversity of products we manufacture and develop on behalf of our clients and here are few examples.
We really hope you like them! Every project we undertake is dealt with as a NPD (New Product Development) and therefore we are always working on the edge and trying to accomplish things that have not been done before.
No easy task, and one that requires skills galore.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiry as we are happy to help!
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IMI in Asia
For many years now IMI have had a strong and important presence in the Far East and today Ivy Liu is our key representative in the region.
She is actually based in Taipei, Taiwan, so not technically China, but much of her time is spent working with our supply base and travelling in China to and from the factories and showrooms. She manages, amongst other things, some key sourcing projects, our order inspection work, and factory audits. China is a dynamic country with an ever changing economy and keeping abreast of all the developments is a very challenging task but one that is vital to IMI. We will continue to make sure that we are the eyes and ears in the region for our clients.
London Gateway port
Strides are being made by DP World to develop London Gateway as an alternative UK sea port. At the moment the majority of our sea freight goes through the port of Felixstowe but from time to time there are issues with capacity and unloading so we have been investigating alternatives.
Mak Dhanjal, our COO, recently visited London Gateway to look at the facilities and was very impressed with what he saw and the potential that this new port possess. Currently, the port is mostly used by European vessels but there is an expectation for Chinese vessels to use these excellent facilities in the future. We, along with our forwarding agents, are watching the developments closely.
It's covermounts time!
Here are a selection of the covermounts we like.
See more ideas on our Kidscovermounts website.

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